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Why Advertise on Capital Area Classifieds?

  • Great Opportunity for effective Exposure and Branding of your business to the high volume of visitors that are in your local online market.
  • People visiting Capital Area Classifieds are high quality prospects because they are here looking to buy. They are looking to buy what you have to offer them.
  • Complete statistic tracking for your Ad Campaigns. This allows you to see the real numbers on how effective your advertising campaign is. Track how many times your ad has been viewed (impressions), how many times your ad has been clicked on(click thru) and more. No other form of advertising can provide you with this valuable information.
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  • WE OFFER EQUAL OPPORTUNITY ADVERTISING. We are a community website and we want to bring you ALL that the capital area community has to offer. We will not refuse any advertiser, provided their ad is in compliance with advertising laws and non offensive of coarse. This means that if you want to advertise your own classifieds website, real estate listings website, auto listing website or any other competing website on our classifieds website, we will be happy to accept your advertising business and present it to our community with PRIDE. WE WILL ACCEPT COMPETITORS ADVERTISING. Again, our first priority is THE COMMUNITY and we will not refuse competitive advertising. We will not keep usefull community resources from our visitors.
  • You will be supporting a Free Classifieds Resource for your local and surrounding communities (and for yourself to use as well).
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Advertise your company here.
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